JMG - JJM Mañual para el Joven Jardiñero Maestro

Date of Publication
August 31, 2021
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Spanish Version. These projects help Junior Master Gardeners share what they have learned with their family, friends, and community.

Each of the eight exciting chapters in the Junior Master Gardener - Level 1 Handbook contains fun activities and interesting facts to help children experience the joy of making things grow. At the end of each chapter are suggested leadership / community service projects. (186 pp.)

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    To grow and excel as an early childhood professional, you must reflect on your teaching practices and child observation to make changes and adjustments to your teaching approach. Intentional early childhood professionals engage in reflective practices and create a professional development plan that builds upon their strengths and enhances their teaching.

    After completing this 4-hour course, the learner will be able to describe what an intentional early childhood professional is, explain what reflective practices are and how to implement this information effectively to improve their teaching, explain why being intentional and reflective promotes the development and learning in the children they are teaching, and create a professional development plan based upon their strengthens.

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    Do you want to establish a school garden program? Are you curious about what to grow each season? This course will discuss everything from garden location to what veggies to grow to garden maintenance.

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    Do you want to start a school garden? This online course is perfect for teachers, school administrators, and Master Gardeners wanting to start a school garden program!

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    This amazing bundle will give you the hands-on knowledge to not only plan and grow a school garden program but recruit support and help from teachers, school administrators and Master Gardeners.

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    Indoors or outdoors, a strategic approach to observation and assessment gives early childhood educators the information they need to effectively plan for children’s needs, interests, and abilities.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to offer tips for incorporating systematic observation into outdoor and nature play activities, including what to look for and how to document what you see.

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    Increased engagement in outdoor and nature play can benefit young children’s learning across all developmental domains.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to offer early childhood professionals strategies for supporting children’s social emotional development through outdoor play and learning activities.