JMG Learn, Grow, Eat and Go! Full Curricula Starter Package

Date of Publication
August 31, 2021
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The Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! Starter package contains all components to support full integration and implementation of the LGEG curricula.

The Learn, Grow, Eat and Go! Full Curricula Starter Package contains the following: LGEG Manual, Classroom sets of Garden Journals, Garden Kitchen Recipes, Walk Across Texas Newsletters/Starter Kit, and 5 children's literature books highlighted within specific lessons in the LGEG Manual. This LGEG Starter Package is a great resource to bring together everything that you need to get started with your LGEG experience.

Additional resources, videos, and information to support LGEG can also be found online at:

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    Intentionality is one of the hallmarks of a high-quality learning program. This involves not only using a curriculum that aligns with child development and guidelines, but also ensuring instruction is targeted to the needs of each child in your classroom.

    This 4-hour course for early learning educators discusses how to use the cycle of curriculum learning to plan whole group, small group, and individual level to appropriately meet the needs of all learners.

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    To grow and excel as an early childhood professional, you must reflect on your teaching practices and child observation to make changes and adjustments to your teaching approach. Intentional early childhood professionals engage in reflective practices and create a professional development plan that builds upon their strengths and enhances their teaching.

    After completing this 4-hour course, the learner will be able to describe what an intentional early childhood professional is, explain what reflective practices are and how to implement this information effectively to improve their teaching, explain why being intentional and reflective promotes the development and learning in the children they are teaching, and create a professional development plan based upon their strengthens.

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    Promoting creativity in an early childhood setting is critical for the development of children’s brains. Environments, daily interactions, and experiences are all opportunities to promote creativity in young learners. Creativity can be expressed through the visual arts, music and movement, and dramatic arts.

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    Outdoor and nature play can bring early childhood professionals, families, and community partners together in support of young children’s learning.

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