Market Poultry Workshop

Date of Publication
July 7, 2021
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Join Texas A&M poultry experts to learn what it takes to raise poultry for 4-H or FFA.

Are you raising chickens or other poultry for 4-H or FFA? Join Texas A&M poultry experts as they walk you through a series of videos related to the rearing of poultry for youth livestock shows in Texas.

Video presentations include:

  • Setting up your project before you get your birds
  • The importance of housing design and ventilation
  • How lighting impacts your birds
  • Feeding show poultry throughout the project
  • Wing bands and exhibitor validation for livestock shows in Texas
  • Raising show turkeys and the differences between broilers and turkeys
  • Culling and selection of market poultry
  • Biosecurity and bird health

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