Master Wellness Volunteers 2023

Date of Publication
December 5, 2022
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Master Wellness Volunteers help Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service leverage its outreach and education to Texans related to health, nutrition and food safety. Master Wellness Volunteers receive 40-hours of training and serve a 40-hour internship to prepare them to aid in fulfilling the Agency’s mission of helping Texans better their lives.

Course Information This online course is one part of the Master Wellness Volunteer training - it is not meant to be taken as a stand-alone course but as part of a broader training series in conjunction with your county Extension agent. If you are not working with or through your county Extension agent but are interested in the Master Wellness Volunteer program, please contact your county Extension office at http://counties. agrilife. org and inquire about the training/program. Course ObjectivesBe prepared to take the training exam during your final in-person training day; accomplish most of the training hours required to begin your internship; and have broad exposure to a variety of topics that are fundamental to Extension Family & Community Health programming.

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