Nutrition and Feeding of Show Poultry

Date of Publication
May 4, 2022
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The nutrition and feeding of show poultry can play an important role in championship potential. This publication will teach you important principles to remember when feeding show poultry.

While championship potential is determined by genetics, whether or not you will attain the championship can depend on nutrition and feeding. A bird will only grow as well as you feed it. This publication will teach you the four important principles in developing an appropriate nutrition program for show broilers and turkeys.

The four principles covered in this publication include:

  • Principle 1: To grow, birds must eat and drink
  • Principle 2: To grow well, birds must eat the right things
  • Principle 3: To win, birds must eat and grow in a balanced way
  • Principle 4: To unbalance a balanced ration with supplements is destructive

This publication also includes tables of nutrient requirements of chickens and turkeys as percentages, milligrams or unites per kilogram of feed for different ages. (6 pages)

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