Oral Health (CCHC Trainees)

Date of Publication
July 7, 2021
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This 1-hour course is designed for Chid Care Health Consultants (CCHCs) to gain knowledge about good oral health and to promote oral health health practices and policies in child care settings. CCHCs support early childhood professionals in educating families and in implementing oral health routines.

THIS COURSE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO PARTICIPANTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE IN-PERSON PORTION OF THE CHILD CARE HEALTH CONSULTANT TRAINING PROGRAM. If you want to learn more about the Child Care Health Consultant program visit their website at http://www. texasaeyc. org/programs/healthy_child_care_texas. Good oral health for infants and young children is extremely important. Children's baby teeth allow them to chew properly, develop their speech, and maintain space for permanent teeth. Moreover, healthy teeth contribute to a healthy smile, which can have an impact on children's self-esteem later in life. 'Healthy Smiles: Oral Health of Young Children' is a 1-hour course designed to help CCHC trainees understand their role in working with child care providers to establish an environment that promotes children's oral health.

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