Traditional Program Cohort 16 - BattleGround to Breaking Ground

Date of Publication
February 5, 2024
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The Battleground to Breaking Ground Traditional Program will educate participants in business planning and production agriculture topics based on their chosen agriculture enterprise(s). In addition, you will be required to participate in Hands-On Learning (HOL) hours mentorships, field days, and hands-on learning events.

Course Information

This course will assist participants to complete their agriculture business plan through weekly online modules. The business plan assignments are broken down into business descriptions, operation plans, marketing plans, and financial plans. Participants will submit their weekly business plan assignment to be reviewed by an agriculture economist and receive feedback for further improvement. At the culmination of the BGBG Traditional Program, participants will have a full agriculture business plan that can be used to manage their operation and/or to apply for agriculture business funding. This course also includes education about livestock production, vegetable production, wildlife management, rangeland ecology, greenhouse production, and more. Participants will also gain knowledge and skills through hands-on hours completed through a mentorship and team project.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Select an agriculture enterprise;
  • Describe business goals and create a plan to meet those goals;
  • Develop a business description, operations plan, marketing plan, and financial plan;
  • Understand risk management strategies;
  • Understand, create and analyze financial statements including budgets, production records, income statements, cash flow, and balance sheets;
  • Analyze production records to achieve business efficiency and profitability;
  • Understand agriculture business financing options;
  • Develop a complete agriculture business plan;
  • Understand your local technical and financial resources;
  • Develop a technical assistance team;
  • Create a course plan;
  • Complete online agriculture production courses; and
  • Gain knowledge and skills through a hands-on mentorship
  • Plan and execute an Agritourism event

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