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The AquaPlant diagnostic tool is designed to help land owners identify and manage plants in their ponds or tanks.


Brittany Chesser
Aquatic Vegetation Management Program Specialist

To best manage your pond vegetation, start by using the Identify a Plant section to correctly identify the plants in your pond, and then select the best management options to fit your needs for specific plants from the Manage a Plant section. Whether you choose to use a herbicide, biological control, or to remove plants manually, this site can help.

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  • Program

    This program provides expertise and resources related to topics including sportfish management, aquaculture, fish species and production, ponds, aeration, water quality, aquaponics and aquatic vegetation.

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  • Lab

    The Texas AgriLife Extension Service Aquatic Diagnostics Laboratory provides research-based analysis and diagnostics for owners of private waters and the stakeholders of Texas.

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  • Tools and Apps

    PondCalc is a comprehensive tool for recreational pond users as well as aquaculture producers, allowing users to quickly and easily calculate the number of acre-feet.

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