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Helping Texans safeguard the state’s natural environment and natural resources is a big part of our work at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Browse by topic below to learn more about what we are doing and how you can get involved.

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Sam Houston National Forest

Native bees need love too!

Native pollinators as important as honeybees A Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert wants people to better understand and appreciate our native bee pollinators. “When people see a bee in their garden, many assume it is a honeybee when, odds are, it is actually a native bee,” said Molly Keck, AgriLife Extension integrated pest management…
Two large bumblebees hover over a purple flower. The flower is a ball shape of sharp looking petals in a shade of purple.

Texas Master Naturalist Program

The Texas Master Naturalist program works to develop volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources. This year, Texas A&M AgriLife celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Texas Master Naturalist Program and the impact of its vast network of community-based volunteers across the state.
Texas Master Naturalists members working in a wetland

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Reseeding native plants is one of the most technically demanding land management practices in South Texas and this publication will point out 10 practices to avoid when reseeding.


Native species often require specific conditions for optimum growth and development. Preparing a good seedbed is a key to establishing any plant by intentional seedings.


Planting techniques for native seeds differ from those used for conventional agricultural crops.


We offer numerous free and affordable programs on agriculture and natural resources, family and community health, economic health and youth development. We also offer many volunteer opportunities. Browse the list below.

The goal of the Texas Well Owner Network project is to inform Texans about water quality through protecting their wells and surface waters.


The Bennett Land Stewardship program funds conferences about land management in the Edwards Plateau, covering issues such as brush control, water management and estate planning.


Pesticide applicator certification standards are set to ensure that restricted pesticides are available to those who protect food, forage, structures, health, water, rights-of-way, and landscapes.



This course will inform participants about riparian and watershed processes, the benefits that healthy riparian areas provide, and the tools that prevent and/or resolve degradation and improve water quality.


The Texas Watershed Steward (TWS) online program is a statewide educational program designed to improve the quality of Texas’ water resources by educating and informing local stakeholders about their watershed, potential impairments, and steps that can be taken to help improve and protect water quality in their watershed.


This 1-hour course exposes learners to information regarding The Texas Watershed Steward (TWS) Program. Students will learn about the importance of water, the role of watersheds in the water cycle, and much more. Students have the option of obtaining school credit for this course.

Prescribed Burning Communication Kit

The Communications Kit provides resources to facilitate discussion and interactions within and between those who conduct prescribed burning and local communities. The contents of this kit are the direct result of a Joint Fire Science Program-funded research project—Fighting Wildfire with Prescribed Burning in the Southern Great Plains.

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