Municipalities & Infrastructure Water

We have a variety of materials and programs related to the design of community and municipal infrastructure for the purpose of helping conserve and protect water resources and avoiding damage from excessive water.

Related Departments: Soil and Crop Sciences, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences

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Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

BAEN has three major programs focused towards OSSF education and training: classroom education, field training and demonstration, and online (website) education and information dissemination.    

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Municipalities & Infrastructure Water



This publication discusses the design, construction, and maintenance of rain gardens as a stormwater best management practice.


When land is flooded by salt water, after a hurricane tidal surge, it can long-term effects on soil productivity and fertility. This publication explains how to reclaim flooded pasture land. Having the soil tested for salinity is an important step. (3 pages)


This publication outlines the responsibilities of a homeowner whose wastewater is treated by an aerobic treatment unit and spray field.


We offer numerous free and affordable programs on agriculture and natural resources, family and community health, economic health and youth development. We also offer many volunteer opportunities. Browse the list below.

Texas AgriLife Extension’s Urban and Municipal Park programs conduct research and provide continuing education for community leaders and boards, park practitioners, volunteers, and friends groups.



Learn to design and manage solar powered pumping systems for landscape and small landowner farming operations. This course provides 4 hours of continuing education units for Texas Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, and others who self-report.

Pros in Parks

This four-course bundle series is for anyone interested in learning about parks, open spaces, sports turf management, stream management, and more!

All Resources on Municipalities & Infrastructure Water

  • Publication

    This publication explains the process, components, legal requirements, factors affecting performance, and maintenance needs of liquid chlorination systems for onsite wastewater treatment.

  • Publication

    This publication explains how homeowners can disinfect wastewater with ultraviolet light and how to maintain such a system.

  • Publication

    In this publication you will learn how to maintain all the components of a septic system.

  • Publication

    This publication explains the treatment, design, operation and maintenance of septic tank and soil absorption systems.

  • Publication

    This publication explains how aerobic units work, what their design requirements are, and how to maintain them.

  • Publication

    This publication explains how tablet chlorinators disinfect wastewater and gives tips on how to maintain them.

  • Publication

    Some onsite wastewater treatment systems include a disinfection component. This publication explains how homeowners can disinfect wastewater with ultraviolet light, what the components of such a system are, what factors affect the performance of a UV light disinfection system, and how to maintain such a system. (4 pages)

  • Publication

    To prevent health hazards to people and pollution in the environment, septic tank systems must be operated and maintained properly. This publication explains how septic systems work and how to keep them running properly. (4 pages)

  • Publication

    A mound system is a soil absorption system placed above the natural surface of the ground. The system distributes treated wastewater into the soil. This publication discusses the design and maintenance of mound systems. (4 pages)

  • Publication

    This publication explains the functions, characteristics, choices, configurations, and maintenance needs for constructed wetland media in on-site wastewater treatment systems. (4 pages)

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