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Are you looking to help the residents of the Texas Panhandle who sustained losses due to recent wildfires?
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Wastewater Management

We offer a variety of materials and resources related to waste management, including information on on-site wastewater and sewage management. Common topics include sustainable solid waste reuse, reduction, recycling and reprocessing.

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Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

BAEN has three major programs focused towards OSSF education and training: classroom education, field training and demonstration, and online (website) education and information dissemination.    

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Wastewater Management



This publication explains how to inspect a home aerobic treatment unit, disinfection unit, and spray field in order to complete reports Texas.


This publication outlines the responsibilities of a homeowner whose wastewater is treated by an aerobic treatment unit and spray field.


This publication describes how to plan, design and install various types of soil storage and infiltration systems.



Learn to design and manage solar powered pumping systems for landscape and small landowner farming operations. This course provides 4 hours of continuing education units for Texas Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, and others who self-report.

Homeowner Maintenance of Aerobic Treatment Units Online Course

This online course will teach you how to properly maintain and operate your aerobic treatment unit.

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