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We offer educational resources on weeds, native weeds and invasive species of plants. Information on topics ranging from the economic and environmental harm of invasive species to how to control or eradicate them, as well as the important role native weeds play in our ecosystem, is available to all Texans.

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    The Plant Pathology (PLPM) Extension program provides services across Texas through subject-matter specialists in areas of plant health management, plant diseases, plant-microbe interactions and environmental sciences.

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    The Rangeland, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management (RWFM) Stewardship Webinar Series provides research-based strategies and applied management recommendations that enhance stewardship practices for our natural resources.

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    Aggie Horticulture provides gardening and horticultural crop production factsheets, guides and databases.

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    Time sensitive information on pest management (insect, weed, disease) news is delivered weekly during the crop production season by four clusters of IPM Agents covering most of Texas.

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