Programs & Services

4-h members participating in a horse health demonstration with a vet

Meeting the needs of Texas

We’re an education agency with a statewide network of experts dedicated to finding solutions for agriculture, natural resources, youth and health. We use research-backed knowledge and scientifically proven practices to create programs that improve the lives of Texans. How can we help you and your community?

children walking in a barn

A program for your needs

We offer hundreds of events, activities, initiatives, and other opportunities to get more involved with your community, no matter where you live.

Man shoveling soil into bucket

Lab testing and agricultural services

From diagnostic tests for investigating home and industrial issues, to products, trainings, and agricultural services from our programs across the state — there’s something we can help you with.

A student scans a plant with her phone

Solutions in the palm of your hand

Our experts collaborate on a range of mobile apps, calendars, calculators, software tools and databases designed to answer the agricultural challenges and questions that Texans face.

young boy watering a plant with a watering can

Preserve the future of Texas Agriculture

By supporting our mission to improve agriculture, natural resources, youth and health across the state, your gift can make a positive impact on Texans for generations.