Parliamentary Procedure Student Workbook

Date of Publication
August 31, 2021
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This is the workbook of the Parliamentary Procedure Guide for FFA.

This is the workbook of the Parliamentary Procedure Guide for FFA. (64 pp.)

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  • Publication

    The Path to The Plate Youth Activity Booklet is designed to be used in conjunction with the Path to The Plate commodity posters at youth focused events.

  • Publication

    This guide contains 100 questions and answers from the Parliamentary Guide for FFA – 4th Ed. (Rev 8/2016).

  • Publication

    This teacher key contains answers to exercises in the Workbook of Parliamentary Guide for FFA (IMS #8004).

  • Publication

    This guide is designed to facilitate the teaching and learning of parliamentary procedure for FFA, in agreement with Robert’s Rules of Order.

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    This 4th edition of the Texas Wildlife and Recreation CDE Study Guide incorporates revisions approved by the Texas FFA Career Development Events committee in July 2021. Revisions were made in plant listings and descriptions, and content was reviewed by subject matter experts and WAY Committee members. (187 pp.)

  • Course

    This course is designed for 4-H and FFA members participating in livestock projects. The primary objectives are to enable students to understand the relationship between good character and safe food practices and to apply knowledge regarding the ethical implications of livestock-raising decisions.