TexasET Evapotranspiration Network

Tools and Apps


TexasET provides daily reference and weather data from special weather stations and has online tools for use of this data in irrigation scheduling.


Guy Fipps

Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer 


207 B Scoates
College Station, TX 77840

This website provides daily reference and weather data from a network of special weather stations and has on-line tools for use of this data for irrigation scheduling. This information is used for irrigation water management in agriculture and urban areas. Use of ET for irrigation water management significantly reduces water waste in irrigation and is recognized as an important water conservation practice. In addition to irrigation management, these data are used widely for a variety of purposes including water planning, wastewater application permits, and environmental management.

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  • Course

    This course aims to help beef cattle producers protect Texas waterways from contamination that is linked with the production of livestock. These contaminations may also pose a health risk to Texas citizens.

  • Publication

    This publication explains what happens to rainwater in a watershed and discusses practices that can help prevent excess runoff, avoid erosion, increase forage or plant production, and protect water quality.

  • Publication

    This manual is intended for use as an instructional guide accompanying a short course discussing wastewater loading to onsite wastewater treatment systems.

  • Course

    An aerobic septic system, or aerobic treatment unit (ATU), uses oxygen to breakdown both dissolved and solid constituents into gases, cell mass, and non-degradable material contained in wastewater. This online course will teach you how to properly maintain and operate your ATU. You will have 30 days from the day you register to complete this program. If you do not complete the program within this limit, your registration will expire, and you will need to pay the registration fees again to start over.

  • Publication

    This palm-sized flip deck features photographs and line drawings of 61 aquatic plants commonly found in Texas.

  • Course

    This course will help land owners and managers become familiar and confident to manage invasive and encroaching brush species with individual plant treatment (IPT) herbicide applications.