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We offer a wide range of resources, publications and events to provide landowners, conservationists and hunters an array of information regarding wildlife, including white-tailed deer, dove, quail, waterfowl and turkeys as well as non-native species like feral hogs as well as habitat and population management.

Related Department: Animal Science, Rangeland, Wildlife and Fisheries Management

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    The Texas Wildlife Services Program provides statewide leadership in the science, education and practice of wildlife management to protect the state’s agricultural, industrial and natural resources, as well as the public’s health, safety and property.

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    In the Natural Resources project area, youth gain knowledge and experience in a variety of outdoor topic areas such as water conservation, outdoor living skills, forestry, fishing, and more. Young Texans involved in these projects are introduced to a vast array of educational and fun opportunities to be immersed in the world around them.

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    Birding with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is a comprehensive set of programming and resources related to birding in Texas.

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    The feral hog management program is for people throughout the state of Texas and beyond who are interested in more information on feral hogs.

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    Livestock veterinary entomology is the evaluation and understanding of ectoparasites that bite and feed on livestock and companion animals, affecting animals’ thriftiness, behavior, and lifestyle.

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