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In the Family and Community Health project area, youth learn about many facets of healthy living, consumer choices, and life skills. With projects involving cooking, consumer decisions, sewing, and personal safety, there is an engaging opportunity for all youth.

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Teenager performs cooking demo for 4 children
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    Managing a budget and keeping records is tedious enough, so try to avoid ‘watching every penny’ and being distracted by irrelevant details. A good effort at keeping records and managing your family's living budget will go a long way toward enhancing your financial future. (5 pages)

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    This 2-page factsheet outlines warning signs for suicide and includes recommendations should you suspect someone is considering harming themselves.

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    This 3-page publication identifies the signs of depression and how to manage farm-related stress.

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    This 3-page publication offers a few key sections for successful implementation, such as: Building the Action Plan, Roles, and Responsibilities, Maintaining Community Engagement, and a template for a Plan of Action.