Texas Lawn and Ornamental Pest Management

Date of Publication
July 7, 2021
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As urban areas expand and homeowners continue to want attractive lawns and landscapes, the use of pesticides to control plant pests has continued to grow. Take this course to become an apprentice and learn about pesticides and their proper use, as well as how to apply them for home, lawn, and other landscapes.

Course Information

Lawn and ornamental pest control represents a large portion of urban pesticide use. As urban areas continue to expand and homeowners continue to desire attractive lawns and landscapes, the use of pesticides to control plant pests has continued to grow. The use of pesticides to control insects and diseases in the home and other landscapes is a serious business, one that requires a wide knowledge of the pests, as well as some understanding of pesticides and their proper use.

This 8-hour online course is designed to satisfy the SPCS Apprentice Training Requirements as specified in Rule 7.132 (i) (2) '8 hours of classroom training in each category in which the apprentice is to provide pest control services.'

The $150 Lawn and Ornamental Pest Management course includes a manual (AES-5066), and online instructions are included in the course. This course can also be taken by other SPCS applicators to increase their knowledge in the subject area.

*A printed manual will be shipped to all course registrants. Please provide a physical shipping address during registration. Manuals cannot be shipped overseas or to P.O. Boxes.

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