Panhandle Wildfire Relief Resources

Are you looking to help the residents of the Texas Panhandle who sustained losses due to recent wildfires?
Please visit this page for livestock supply points and information on how to make a monetary donation. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service thanks you for your support of Texans.

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Insect Photo Submission for Identification - Ask an Entomologist

fire ant hill in the grass


This service is intended to help Texas residents identify pest insects in the home, yard, garden or farm.

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  • Project

    Did you know that nearly three-fourths of all animals are insects? Because there are so many insects, they impact our daily lives in both good and bad ways. In this 4-H project you will learn about entomology – the study of insects.

  • Lab

    The Texas A&M University Honey Bee Research Program focuses on basic and applied research, as well as education and outreach regarding honey bee biology and management.

    bees on honeycomb
  • Lab

    The Texas Apiary Inspection Service works to safeguard the apiary industry of Texas through the application of science-based regulations, educational opportunities and open communication with the industry.

    beekeeper holding a beehive frame
  • Podcast

    AgriLife Extension Program Specialists, Molly Keck and Wizzie Brown, educate listeners about insects found in urban backyards and gardens of Texas.

    ladybug on a purple flower
  • Program

    The AgriLife Extension Entomology program is located across Texas and can provide advice on control of urban, structural, landscape, garden, veterinary and agricultural pests and pests that are threats to human health.

    Close up of a grasshopper on a stick
  • Service

    A Texas Apiary Inspector can inspect bee hives to diagnose diseases and other major issues.

    beekeepers inspecting a hive