Reuse Water Quality Research and Extension Experience for Undergraduate (RWQ-REEU) 



RWQ-REEU program provides students with hands-on learning experiences in water quality, exposure to careers in agricultural research and extension, and a pathway to graduate school.  


Anish Jantrania 

Associate Professor/Extension Specialist 


1844 Ave B.
Bryan, TX 77807

This is a five-week program in Summer-I semester.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) provides leadership and funding for food, agricultural, natural resources, and human sciences. The agency prioritizes ensuring students from all backgrounds have an opportunity to pursue careers in agricultural and related sciences. The agency seeks to provide experiences to undergraduate students, leading them to careers in the agricultural workforce or to continue their education in graduate school.

The goal of the Reuse Water Quality Research and Extension Experiences for Undergrads (REEU) program is to provide students with 1) hands-on learning experiences in reuse water quality, 2) exposure to careers in agricultural research and extension, and 3) a pathway to graduate school.  Participants will have the chance to interact with a multidisciplinary team of extension specialists, agricultural engineers, and soil and water microbiologists, from the TAMU and PVAMU campuses. A mentoring program will pair students with faculty members who will introduce the students to the program, cultivate the student’s interests, and help the students to set individual educational and research goals for the experience.

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