Strategic Plan

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s strategic plan demonstrates a commitment to excellence and responsiveness, and a recognition of the vital role Extension programming and educational activity plays in benefiting Texas communities.

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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s strategic plan highlights the agency’s commitment to maintaining its prominent role as the nation’s premier Extension Service and our statewide educational authority in Texas.

Our Role In The Land Grant Mission

It is our agency’s role in the historic Land Grant mission to provide educational programming and service opportunities that bring innovative solutions to Texas producers, industry members, and both urban and rural communities to support the nourishment and well-being of all people.

These efforts lead to the stability and continual enhancement of our state’s agroecosystems and natural resources, further ensuring the economic competitiveness and excellence of agriculture and human health at the local level.

Pillar One: Resource Stewardship

Prioritize research-based educational programming and interdisciplinary collaboration to promote the responsible stewardship and sustainable practices of Texas’ natural resources for both new and established landowners, and across various sectors and industry partnerships.

Pillar Two: Youth Development

Enhance the programming and resources available to schools, youth organizations, and families which are necessary to broaden concepts in agriculture, natural sciences, human health and community engagement for the next generation of Texas citizens and leaders.

Pillar Three: Community Sustainability

Engage innovation, science and service to address the current and future community needs focusing on workforce development, leadership development, civic engagement, and disaster preparation, response, and recovery.

Pillar Four: Economic Strength

Enhance the efficiency, profitability, and resiliency of agriculture, natural resources, food systems and local economies in the state of Texas and around the world.

Pillar Five: Healthy Living

Deliver science-based preventive and educational health programs to apply, coordinate, and integrate scientific evidence at the intersection of nutrition, human health, and agriculture.

Synergistic Interactions

These five Extension priority areas interact synergistically to sustain the human, natural resources, and financial needs of the state of Texas.

The agency’s strategic plan aims to take the research-based knowledge of the Texas A&M University System, including that of AgriLife Research and other sister agencies, and translate this knowledge into programming that all Texans use to work for economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and an improved quality of life.

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