Texas 4-H Range Science Project



Do you love the great outdoors? If so, this project is for you! You’ll learn how to manage land, natural resources, and the environment. You can learn about your environment, and the responsibility you have for natural resources, and the connections between plants, animals, soil, and water.


Barron Rector
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

This is a great project for someone who wants to own a ranch or manage land that produces renewable goods and services for humans. The Range Science project promotes and develops knowledge and skills in practical range, natural resource and ranch management. Projected costs are low to medium.

Topics include:

  • Ranchland management
  • Water and how plants grow
  • Vegetation areas of Texas
  • Brush control and weed control
  • Poisonous or toxic plants
  • Grazing management strategies
  • Ranch management practices and leasing rangeland
  • Risk management for land
  • What domestic grazing animals and wildlife species eat

The Master Plant List names and gives characteristics of 129 range and pasture plants used in the 4-H Range and Pasture Grass Identification Contest, 4-H Range Evaluation Contest and the major livestock show Range and Pasture Plant Identification contests at Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas State Fair, the Amarillo Tri-State Fair and 4-H open contests.

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  • Project

    Future tree climbers and treehouses rely on you! Learn the importance of conserving forest land. You’ll gain citizenship, leadership skills, and practical forest management skills, like identifying tree diseases and the use of a compass in a forest

    teen in a hard hat looking up at a tall tree
  • The virtual herbarium provides a description, identifying characteristic, geographic distribution, image and habitat description of species found on Texas rangelands.

    tall grasses
  • Program

    The Texas Master Naturalist program works to develop volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources. This year, Texas A&M AgriLife celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Texas Master Naturalist Program and the impact of its vast network of community-based volunteers across the state.

    Texas Master Naturalists members working in a wetland
  • Project

    The 4-H Outdoor Education project provides you with the opportunity to learn skills such as camping, wildlife watching, shooting and hunting skills, and fire building. Participants may study and experience as much as their time and interest allows.

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  • Tools and Apps

    Native Trees of Texas is a photo database of native trees across the state. Individuals can browse by common name, scientific name, cultivar or family.

    Mature pecans on a branch