Irrigation of Lawns & Gardens

We provide Texans with publications and resources like in-person and online programming on irrigation water management, system scheduling and the types of irrigation systems best suited for lawn and garden needs across the state.

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Texas A&M School of Irrigation

The School of Irrigation provides irrigation education through a variety of in-person and self-paced educational courses to meet the changing needs of the irrigation industry.

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All Resources on Irrigation of Lawns & Gardens

  • Tools and Apps

    This app invites users to create a profile and receive weekly customized yard/grass water recommendations that tell them how long to run their irrigation systems.

  • Lab

    The Sprinkler and Smart Irrigation Technology Testing Lab evaluates irrigation components for their WaterSense product labeling program.

  • Tools and Apps

    A spreadsheet program that performs monthly water balance to see if application rate will exceed available soil moisture storage of a site planted in grass.

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