Select from 11 syndrome specific equine diagnostic plans to assist clients in efficient diagnostic testing strategies based on clinical signs or gross necropsy findings.


Terry Hensley

Assistant Director for Diagnostic Services


483 Agronomy Road
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The Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, TVMDL, has compiled 11 syndrome specific diagnostic plans to assist horse clients in efficient diagnostic testing strategies based on clinical signs or gross necropsy findings. The client can select the tests within the diagnostic plans that fit with the diagnostic goals and pre-test clinical suspicion of each case. Simply select the syndrome most appropriate for the case and then indicate which tests are desired on the submission form. Plans cover a range of common syndromes horse owners face including diarrhea in adult, foals, weanlings, and yearlings, neurologic conditions, and respiratory diseases. TVMDL also performs testing to assess detect diseases that are common risks when introducing new animals to the current population. TVMDL encourages clients to interested in using a diagnostic plan to schedule a consultation with a veterinary diagnostician for assistance in choosing a specific testing route.


TVMDL tests thousands of specimens from clients across Texas, in neighboring states and around the world every business day, protecting the health of livestock, poultry, companion animals, exotic animals, racing animals and wildlife. Veterinarians, animal owners, animal industries and government agencies depend on TVMDL’s expertise for early detection and control of diseases. TVMDL also belongs to a nationwide network of laboratories that provide surge-testing, response and recovery capacity in the event of an animal disease outbreak. Over its history, TVMDL has played a critical role in recognizing and containing outbreaks of anthrax, avian influenza, chronic wasting disease, equine piroplasmosis and many other economically devastating animal diseases.

TVMDL has locations in College Station and Canyon:

TVMDL-College Station
483 Agronomy Road
College Station, TX 77843

3209 Russell Long Blvd.
Canyon, TX 79016

General Testing

For inquires about available tests, specimen types, test prices, or turnaround times, please refer to the <a href="https://tvmdl.tamu.edu/tests/">TVMDL test catalog</a>. Clients may search the catalog by a test’s name or test code. The test catalog may also be accessed via the TVMDL Mobile app.


TVMDL does not see or treat animals. If you have clinical requests or need immediate assistance with an animal emergency, please contact a veterinary clinic.

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