Texas 4-H Rabbit Project

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Rabbits in a hutch


The Texas 4-H Rabbit Project is offered to all 4-H members statewide. The project has three main components: pet, market and breeding.


Shelley E. Franklin, M.Ed.
County Extension Agent

The project is gaining popularity, especially in urban areas. It is often difficult for families to find suitable places to house larger livestock in urban and suburban areas. Many of these areas do not offer 4-H barns for livestock projects. The 4-H Rabbit Project is perfect for these families! 4-H members can raise rabbits in any home environment, even apartments. This project offers the character building activities as other livestock, but on a smaller scale. 4-H members have the opportunity to explore the daily care of rabbits, rabbit production for meat or the improvement of breed standards through a breeding program.

This project also hosts a yearly statewide rabbit show, the Texas 4-H Rabbit Extravaganza. This event offers 4-H members the opportunity to exhibit their projects and attend educational programs. This event is developed, planned and executed by the Texas 4-H Rabbit Advisory Board. The board meets once a month to discuss the event and ways to educate 4-H members on the rabbit project.

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