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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has materials, programs and resources to support business and community development. Agency personnel are actively involved in their local communities, providing assistance through collaboration with local governments, businesses and service organizations.

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Texas 4-H Youth Entrepreneurship Project

The Youth Entrepreneurship Project is great for someone who is motivated and wants to learn business principles.
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This 5-page publication explains the water needs for sorghum at different growth stages, the calculations to use to estimate its water requirements, and adjustments to make for rainfall and soil moisture.


This 9-page pocket-sized guide gives step-by-step instructions for calibrating ground sprayers.


This 8-page publication explains how to select the right size incinerator and calculate all associated costs.


We offer numerous free and affordable programs on agriculture and natural resources, family and community health, economic health and youth development. We also offer many volunteer opportunities. Browse the list below.

Texas Rural Leadership Program provides adult leadership and community development for rural individuals, communities, organizations, and regions.


TALL is a comprehensive, two-year leadership enhancement study program of agricultural policies and environmental issues for emerging leaders in Texas agriculture.


The AgriLife Extension Rural Student Success Initiative aims to increase the number of rural students enrolling in and completing a postsecondary certificate or degree program.



This course is designed to explain the purpose of Special Inventory and give an overview of the process.


County budgets can be complicated but provide for county services for citizens. Tax Assessor-Collectors and their staffs will understand the basic responsibilities of a budget officer, recognize the procedures for planning a budget and identify the fees, expenses, and methods of collecting costs for providing services.


The county tax office serves almost every resident of their county – every property owner, every auto owner, and many others. Providing effective customer service to all taxpayers promotes the public’s trust in the tax office as the first point of contact for the taxing entities they serve.

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