Balancing Food and Play Curriculum Bundle — English

Date of Publication
August 5, 2021
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The Balancing Food and Play curriculum reinforces the importance of daily physical activity, consumption of fruits and vegetables, limiting screen time, and encouraging youth to drink milk with meals and water with snacks. This bundle includes 20 lesson plans with classroom PowerPoints, which require minimum teacher preparation time, TEKS summary charts, student journals, and 4 take-home newsletters and recipe cards.

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  • Course

    Despite the known benefits of outdoor and nature play for young children, early childhood educators and administrators may worry about issues of safety and liability.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to equip early childhood professionals to view risk in outdoor and nature play as a process of balancing risks and benefits, rather than a barrier to including outdoor and nature play in your program.

  • Course

    Planning effective outdoor and nature play experiences to support young children’s learning requires an intentional approach.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to help early childhood educators and directors translate the intentional teaching practices they likely already use in other areas to create outdoor and nature play activity plans tailored to the individual needs of the children in each group within the program.

  • Course

    Early childhood educators can make the most of planned outdoor and nature play experiences in terms of children’s learning through the interactions they have with children as they play.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to offer early childhood professionals actionable strategies for facilitating learning through outdoor and nature play.

  • Course

    Outdoor and nature play can bring early childhood professionals, families, and community partners together in support of young children’s learning.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to share examples of successful efforts to engage families and communities around outdoor and nature play and prompt early childhood professionals to reflect on opportunities that might work well in their programs.

  • Course

    In early childhood, a child’s social emotional development and mental health are one and the same. That means the strategies early childhood educators use to cultivate positive social emotional development are, by definition, supportive of positive mental health outcomes.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to give early childhood professionals a review of key milestones and learning goals in the social emotional domain of development and a selection of practical strategies to help children achieve them.

  • Course

    Increased engagement in outdoor and nature play can benefit young children’s learning across all developmental domains.

    The purpose of this 2-hour course is to offer early childhood professionals strategies for supporting children’s cognitive development through outdoor play and learning activities.