Child Passenger Safety Tech Update , Part 1 - Crash Outcomes for Children - Scenarios of Use/Misuse

Date of Publication
February 15, 2022
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This session discusses child restraint energy management, including load legs, European shoulder belt routing, anti-rebound features, crushable frames, internal side-impact protection, external side impact protection, and more. The course features instructor Joe Colella and is approved for 1 CEU towards the required 6 CEUs.

Course Information

A discussion of crash outcomes for children under different scenarios of use/misuse. Dr. Mooney will speak about the reasons for restraints, the meaning of physics behind them, and some of the injuries that result when they are misused. Included will be the kinds of serious injuries that result from car seat misuse.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the physics of trauma and child passenger safety
  • Understand the different types of energy, and how child safety seats and devices work to protect kids from excessive energy forces
  • Understand how devices are used and misused, as related to the physics of CPS
  • Look at case studies as specific examples for applying these principles

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