Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition and Statewide Initiatives

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The Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition & Statewide Initiatives is a safe communities coalition that supports health initiatives designed to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities.


Cindy Kovar
Program Manager
Address: 1470 William D. Fitch Parkway
College Station, TX 77845

Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition (BVIPC) & Statewide Initiatives is a safe communities coalition that supports health initiatives designed to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities. A Safe Communities Coalition focuses on reducing injuries and deaths caused by traffic-related crashes. The Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition uses the Safe Communities model in a collaborative effort with local businesses, agencies, and concerned citizens to reduce fatalities and injuries resulting from traffic-related crashes. Programs will be offered in-person and/or virtually. The Coalition’s Statewide Initiatives programs focus on providing Reality Education for Drivers (RED) classes to young drivers as well as driving safety education to mature drivers.

Reality Education for Drivers, also known as “The RED” program, is just one of the many traffic safety and injury prevention programs offered by the Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition (BVIPC) & Statewide Initiatives, through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and with the support of the Texas Department of Transportation. The RED program’s primary goal is to steer young drivers toward safer driving habits and away from possible citations while on the road – to drive sober, safely, securely, and within the speed limits. The class curriculum is designed to help participants change their attitudes about the choices they make, so in turn, they will want to change their behaviors by making better choices when traveling, either behind the wheel or as passengers.

The Mature Driver Program (MDP) is a statewide, FREE community education program aimed at giving motorists over the age of 55 the tools they need to be safe on our roads. MDP has trained coordinators who promote driver awareness and safety through education and community outreach. MDP is a collaboration between Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and TxDOT. Educational presentations are tailored to the mature audience and can cover a variety of topics including how aging can affect driving skills, medication and its impact on drivers, warning signs of an unsafe driver, and more.

BVIPC also offers programs to raise awareness on impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, the importance of seat belt use, and pedestrian safety among other traffic safety issues. BVIPC is available for programs at schools, universities, civic groups, churches, and more.

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