Generation Next: Our Turn to Ranch — Fall 2024

Date of Publication
July 7, 2021
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The Generation Next curriculum targets new landowners, those who are inheriting land, or those who are looking to start a new agricultural operation on an existing ranch.

What You'll Learn

Generation Next: Our Turn to Ranch is offered as a 12-week online class and will require approximately 2 hours of your time per week. The course is for new landowners, those who are inheriting land, or those looking to start a new agricultural business on an existing ranch.

Generation Next is taught as an online school where participants will work towards developing a business plan with plenty of support from professionals who specialize in different fields.

Topics covered in the school include:

  • How to start an agricultural business
  • Understanding business taxes and ag exemptions
  • Ranch insurance
  • Tracking your finances
  • Evaluating your land's resources
  • How to set up livestock grazing and wildlife management leases
  • Basic ranching laws - fencing, water rights, etc.
  • Land management techniques
  • Alternative operations to add to the business
  • Setting goals with measurable objectives for success

In addition to business plan development, you will receive a Generation Next certificate and t-shirt upon completion of this course.

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