Owning Your Piece of Texas: Key Laws Texas Landowners Need to Know

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July 7, 2021
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This award-winning course assists Texas rural landowners and agricultural producers by identifying key legal issues related to their property. Get practical tips with insightful examples that help explain important legal concepts in a way that you will be able to understand and apply.

Tiffany Dowell Lashmet, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Ag Law Specialist, teaches the course and provides practical tips with insightful examples that help explain important legal concepts in a way that landowners will be able to understand and apply. Course topics and sections include:What Do You Own?Oil and Gas LawWater LawLandowner LiabilityFence LawAccess to PropertyEminent Domain and Pipeline and Transmission Line EasementsRight to Farm StatuteRenewable Energy LeasesKey Estate Planning DocumentsWhether you have owned land for generations or are looking to purchase your first acre, this course is designed to provide you with practical and helpful information to make your experience in land ownership more enjoyable!This course will take approximately 8. 5 hours to complete. You will have access to this course for 2 years before your account is unenrolled. The topics and sections of this course are also available as individual, shorter courses. Disclaimer: This online course is for educational purposes only, does not create an attorney-client relationship, and is not a substitute for competent legal advice by an attorney licensed in your state. The information provided is merely provided as general guidance. AWARDSTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Superior Service - Emerging Issues Team 2020Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center - Project of Excellence 2020REVIEWS- Best workshop I've seen in 20 years. Excellent program. Excellent speakers. Excellent information.- As a Continuing Legal Education Course (CLE), this course is worth $395 to $500. One of the most informative events I have ever attended. Just excellent in every way.- The best extension publication and program I've seen in 30+ years involved with agriculture in Texas.- The landowner workshop you presented at Lubbock Tuesday was outstanding (as I leaned over to tell you after lunch). I have attended MANY workshops, conferences, presentations, etc. in my 31 years as an educator in both public and higher education. This was probably the single best and most useful one I have ever attended. Also, as one who writes textbook chapters, articles, etc., I have to acknowledge the manual you put together. There was no doubt an immense time investment in putting together an attractive, useful, information-rich resource such as this. It is "technical enough," but not over-the-top for the layperson land owner. Kudos to you on an outstanding publication!- Wonderful workshop! I've always wanted to farm and just recently (4-5 years ago) realized I didn't have to grow up on a farm to farm as an adult. This workshop was very informative and helps me feel assured that as I move forward and make decisions on buying land, what to produce, and other legal issues regarding farming, I will be able to run a successful agriculture business. Thank you!- Just returned from this seminar (in Crockett) and wanted you to know that it was probably one of the most informative I have ever attended. Enjoyed the speakers tremendously..., particularly Tiffany.- This program is worth a $150+ registration fee!This course comes with the online version of the handbook. A hard copy may be purchased by contacting Lacrecia at 806-677-5600 or emailing Lacrecia. garza@ag. tamu. edu.

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