Managing a Family Budget

Date of Publication
April 1, 2022
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Managing a budget and keeping records is tedious enough, so try to avoid 'watching every penny' and being distracted by irrelevant details. A good effort at keeping records and managing your family's living budget will go a long way toward enhancing your financial future. (5 pages)

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  • Course

    This course is designed to educate service providers of farmworkers on how to identify challenges and improve services for farmworkers with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

  • Publication

    This 2-page factsheet outlines warning signs for suicide and includes recommendations should you suspect someone is considering harming themselves.

  • Publication

    This 3-page publication identifies the signs of depression and how to manage farm-related stress.

  • Publication

    This 3-page publication offers a few key sections for successful implementation, such as: Building the Action Plan, Roles, and Responsibilities, Maintaining Community Engagement, and a template for a Plan of Action.

  • Project

    This project focuses on clothing, home décor, sewing, the consumer aspect of purchasing clothing and home décor, and the art of designing these items.