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Nuisance Odor Prevention Training for Poultry Producers

Date of Publication
July 7, 2021
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This course provides accreditation for poultry producers in nuisance odor prevention. Topics include methods for reducing odors, tips for land application of litter, and state-mandated odor control plans.

Course Information

Preventing odors from poultry growing operations not only makes you a good neighbor and community member, it is simply the right thing to do.

Topics include:

  • Methods for reducing odors at poultry facilities and farms
  • Tips for land application of litter
  • State-mandated odor control plans

This online course meets state law that requires some poultry farm owners to receive training and provides accreditation for poultry producers in nuisance odor prevention. To earn a course completion certificate, learners must visit all learning materials and pass the Final Exam with a 100%.

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