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Poultry Science Manual for Career Developments, 7th edition

Date of Publication
August 31, 2021
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This manual aids in teaching beginners and experienced individuals how to properly evaluate live birds, ready-to-cook poultry, shell eggs, and processed poultry. It also includes information related to poultry production, management, and science and cooperating with others in solving poultry industry problems.

Designed as the resource for the National FFA Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event, the 'Poultry Science Manual for National FFA Career Development Events' aids in teaching beginners, as well as experienced individuals, to properly evaluate live birds (meat-type pullets or cockerels for broilers and egg-type hens for production of table eggs), ready-to-cook poultry (chicken and/or turkey carcasses and/or parts), shell eggs ('under the shell' and 'on the shell'), and further processed poultry (value-added bone-in and boneless chicken parts and precooked, coated chicken patties, tenders, nuggets, and wings). The manual also includes information related to poultry production, management, and science and cooperating with others in solving poultry industry problems.

This edition complies with the rules and regulations of the 2021-2026 National FFA Poultry Evaluation CDE, and should be useful in preparing for competitions at all levels. Teachers and students should refer to the information in this manual when preparing for the events, especially the written examination.

Loose-leaf pages with three-ring hole punch. Three-ring binder not included.

Preface/Acknowledgements - 5 pages

Section A - Organization of the FFA Poultry Career Development Event - 9 pages

Section B - Parts of the FFA Poultry Career Development Event - 67 pages

Section C - Poultry Production, Management and Science - 138 pages

Section D - Reference Materials - 26 pages

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