Stiles Farm Foundation

cotton plants in a field


The Stiles Farm Foundation is a 2,716 acre farm located in Thrall, Texas in eastern Williamson County. The farm is managed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service as a living demonstration of research-based, profitable, and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices for the Texas Blackland Prairie.


Ryan Collett
Address: 5700 FM1063
Thrall, TX 76578

The farm works with scientists and industry partners to create farm demonstrations and research trials evaluating new technologies, farming methods or equipment so producers can adopt the most beneficial practices. What makes Stiles Farm unique is our outreach and education efforts all happen on a commercially viable farm operation. The farm has to be profitable to survive and is faced with many of the same challenges as other dryland farms in the Texas Blacklands. This provides Stiles Farm a grassroots platform for promoting research driven agricultural practices.

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