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From strategic agricultural production practices to safe handling of produce coming out of gardens and fields, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service provides in-depth information and a variety of experts to help food producers get fruits and vegetables and other crops to consumers safely.

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Cabbage growing in The Gardens at Texas A&M University

Cotton Insect Scouting School

This service provides training on how to scout for and identify insect, weed, and disease pests of cotton, and making pest management recommendations.
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The first step in establishing a home garden is to make a plan.


Spanish Version. Created by teachers, this multifaceted garden, nutrition, and physical activities curriculum is evidence-based and academically rich.


Set of five children’s books featured in the Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! curriculum.


We offer numerous free and affordable programs on agriculture and natural resources, family and community health, economic health and youth development. We also offer many volunteer opportunities. Browse the list below.

The Master Marketer program is a 64-hour intensive marketing education course during which agricultural producers, ag lenders, and others are trained in marketing techniques, marketing plans, technical analysis, futures and options, and many other marketing related skills.


The Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) conducts analyses of the impacts of government policy proposals and/or implementation procedures on farmers, agribusinesses, taxpayers, and consumers.


The Stiles Farm Foundation is a 2,716 acre farm located in Thrall, Texas in eastern Williamson County. The farm is managed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service as a living demonstration of research-based, profitable, and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices for the Texas Blackland Prairie.



The Learn, Grow, Eat & Go online course is a self-directed and engaging training course for teachers, volunteers, and Extension. It serves as a dynamic professional development opportunity and a new, multimedia curricular option for the Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! Curriculum.


This course teaches the basics of growing tomatoes in your garden, and allows you to cover the material at your own pace and on your own time schedule so begin when you’re ready. This course was first developed for Texas gardeners. However, most information is suitable for other regions.


Introduction to Basic Plant Breeding provides a review of plant reproduction genetic variation, gene banks, germplasm preservation, gene segregation, the power of selection and its role in plant breeding, and an introduction to intellectual property and its role in the life of a plant breeder.

Tomato 101

This course teaches the basics of growing tomatoes in your garden and allows you to cover the material at your own pace and on your own time schedule so begin when you’re ready.

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