JMG Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat and GO!

Date of Publication
August 11, 2021
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This 4-week curriculum equips early childhood teachers with daily engaging lessons, group activities, and journal prompts to enrich your classroom while making learning fun!

To help grow a classroom of thriving students, the new Early Childhood Learn, Grow, Eat & Go curriculum combines rich plant/garden learning, food exposure, fun brain- & body-boosting physical activities, AND novel parent/school community engagement in a fun, teacher-friendly format! Save planning time with this step-by-step, 4 week unit that equips teachers with daily engaging lessons, group activities, and journal prompts that lead your class to create a simple, thriving vegetable garden. Weekly featured songs, literature connections, classroom garden kitchen recipes, innovative family engagement tools, and effective center resources complement learning and maximize benefits to students. Created by Head Start teachers, kindergarten teachers, and content experts, this multifaceted garden, nutrition, and physical activity curriculum is specially designed for teachers 4 & 5-year-olds. (154 pp.) For information, go to www. JMGkids. us/earlychildhood

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