Basic Plant Breeding

Date of Publication
October 13, 2021
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Introduction to Basic Plant Breeding provides a review of plant reproduction genetic variation, gene banks, germplasm preservation, gene segregation, the power of selection and its role in plant breeding, and an introduction to intellectual property and its role in the life of a plant breeder.

Course Information This course is designed to prepare the participant to explore the genetics and methodologies employed by plant breeders of self- and cross-pollinated crop species. It provides a review of the following topics:plant reproduction genetic variationgene banksgermplasm preservationgene segregationthe power of selection and its role in plant breedingan introduction to intellectual property and its role in the life of a plant breeder This course will be taught as three lecture hours per week. Lectures are designed to supplement the textbook and assigned reading material. New content will be posted every Monday. You will receive an email when new content is posted. Suggested TextsQuantitative Plant Breeding by Rex Bernardo Principles of Cultivar Development by W. F. FehrBreeding Field Crops (4th edition) by J. M. Poehlman and D. A. Sleper

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