Livestock Production

We deliver wide-ranging educational programs focused on research-based livestock production and management practices. Online educational materials and in-person resources like specialists, workshops and conferences are available to guide producers on topics spanning from animal forage production and nutrition to breeding and marketing.

Related Departments: Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Rangeland, Wildlife and Fisheries Management, Entomology, Poultry Science, Soil and Crop Sciences 

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Livestock Veterinary Entomology

Livestock veterinary entomology is the evaluation and understanding of ectoparasites that bite and feed on livestock and companion animals, affecting animals' thriftiness, behavior, and lifestyle.
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Livestock Production



This publication explains how diseases are transmitted and how dairy producers can establish prevention programs with proper biosecurity practices. Tables list common diseases of dairy cattle and ways they are treated. (7 pages)


Esta publicacion explica como se transmiten las enfermedades y como los productores lecheros pueden establecer programas de prevencion con practicas adecuadas de bioseguridad. Las tablas enumeran las enfermedades comunes del ganado lechero y las formas en que se tratan. (8 paginas)


We offer numerous free and affordable programs on agriculture and natural resources, family and community health, economic health and youth development. We also offer many volunteer opportunities. Browse the list below.

These proven beef quality practices are simply better methods of doing the same jobs you’re already doing.


Beef 101 is a three-day intensive hands-on program designed for anyone who has an interest in expanding their knowledge of the total beef industry.


Beef 706 is a two-day hands-on training program for leaders in various segments of the beef industry who are focused on quality assessment.

Summer Horsemanship School Program

This fun and educational opportunity serves to strengthen the foundation of horsemanship and develop advanced riding skills for youth and adults alike!

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  • Service

    The Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, TVMDL, offers multiple methods of detecting and identifying animal parasites.

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  • Service

    The Pullorum-Typhoid (PT) Program seeks to control and eradicate the pullorum disease and fowl typhoid from poultry flocks in Texas.

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  • Service

    TVMDL has 11 syndrome specific diagnostic plans to assist clients in efficient diagnostic testing strategies based on clinical signs or gross necropsy findings.

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  • Lab

    The Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, TVMDL, includes four diagnostic laboratories serving veterinarians, livestock producers and government agencies.

    Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Service

    The Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, TVMDL, offers four options to identify a plant and determine its toxicity.

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  • Service

    TVMDL offers timely and accurate diagnostic tests for Tritrichomonas foetus, the parasite that causes bovine trichomoniasis, or trich.

  • Research Institute or Center

    The Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases, IIAD, works to deliver translational research-driven risk-based solutions and training applications to address animal diseases.

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  • Service

    The Bill Sims Wool and Mohair Research Laboratory houses state-of-the-art instruments for measuring animal fiber quality of wool, mohair, alpaca and cashmere.

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  • Lab

    The Texas A&M AgriLife Fecal Egg Counting Lab, FEC, conducts roundworm egg counts for sheep and goat producers to use in building resistance to parasites.

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