Handling and Storing Breast Milk and Other Foods in Child Care Settings

Date of Publication
July 7, 2021
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Working in a child care setting can be such a rewarding, yet difficult job. Learn how to properly handle breast milk, formula, and other foods to help prevent food-borne illness in this course. Food safety preventative measures will be discussed to help ensure you have a safe environment for babies and children.

Course Information

Children are considered a highly susceptible population, meaning they are at a greater risk for contracting a food-borne illness.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that every year, one-in-six Americans will get a food-borne illness.

This course will look at ways to handle breast milk, formula, and other foods to help prevent food-borne illness from occurring in a child care facility.

Other topics discussed include:

  • basic symptoms of food-borne illness
  • handling foods properly
  • cross contamination
  • personal hygiene
  • and product dates information.

This course will provide one credit hour of training.

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