Institute for Advancing Health Through Agriculture

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The Institute for Advancing Health Through Agriculture, IHA, is bringing together precision nutrition, responsive agriculture, and social and behavioral research to improve health and wellness.


Patrick J. Stover, Ph.D.



1500 Research Parkway
Centeq Building B, Suite 270
College Station, TX 77845

The Texas A&M AgriLife Institute for Advancing Health Through Agriculture is the world’s first academic institute to bring together precision nutrition, responsive agriculture, and social and behavioral research to reduce diet-related chronic disease and lower health care costs, in a way that is environmentally and economically sustainable.

Solving the challenges facing our food systems with this promise of health through agriculture-based solutions is no small endeavor and requires extraordinary support. As such, the IHA brings together experts across many disciplines, including agriculture, nutrition, behavioral, social and life sciences, engineering, data and computation science, and economics. IHA researchers work collaboratively to develop solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing the food and agriculture systems today in a manner that can support human, environmental and economic health.

The IHA will provide research, training, extension and development of state-of-the-art technologies.

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  • Program

    The Bennett Land Stewardship program funds conferences about land management in the Edwards Plateau, covering issues such as brush control, water management and estate planning.

  • The Cooking Well Series is a suite of programs which includes various lessons of interactive classes with research-based information accompanied by a cooking component.
    Resources for this program are provided by county agents directly.

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  • Project

    Students will explore the exciting world of plants, insects, water, soil, and ecology. Students can do community service projects to help provide healthy food and beautiful landscapes.

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  • The Dinner Tonight program aims to provide healthy recipes for Texans and increase self-efficacy in meal planning, healthy cooking techniques, and food safety.

  • Program

    The Food Safety Education Program aims to increase safe food handling practices at retail and consumer levels to reduce risk of food-borne illness.

  • Program

    Preserving the Harvest is a program series that teaches ways to preserve foods with tested recipes and research-based methods, using “hands-on” activities to practice preservation skills.

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