Texas 4-H Fashion and Interior Design Project



This project focuses on clothing, home décor, sewing, the consumer aspect of purchasing clothing and home décor, and the art of designing these items.

A Fashion and Interior Design project helps 4-H members develop a variety of skills and learn about careers in the Fashion and Interior Design industry. Fashion and Interior Design project activities are conducted throughout the 4-H year, based on the availability of project leaders. Senior level 4-H members have an opportunity to gain advanced subject matter knowledge while providing statewide leadership in the Fashion and Interior Design Ambassador program.
Competitive events related to these projects are held in the spring and include fashion show, storyboard, Open FCH educational presentations, Duds to Dazzle, natural fiber contest, and record book judging. A wide variety of community service activities is available to 4-H members interested in fashion and interior design. Participant time commitments will vary based on the individuals’ interests and level of involvement. The Fashion and Interior Design project allows youth the opportunity to make a style of their own, be creative in sewing and designing and develop good consumer skills.

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