Texas 4-H Health & Personal Safety Project



Led by trained educators and volunteers, the 4-H Health and Personal Safety project targets 4-H members, classroom students, and community youth with interactive and fun projects and programs.


Julie Gardner
Extension Program Specialist, Healthy Lifestyles

Texas 4-H wants to keep kids safe! The Texas 4-H Health and Personal Safety program is designed to provide the necessary resources, tools, and education to teach kids valuable health and personal safety skills. This program reaches far beyond home safety to include safe practices related to, but not limited to driving safety, social media, outdoor safety, and farm and ranch safety. In addition, this program targets activities, curriculum, and learning to address bullying, mental health, and self-esteem to ensure youth are healthy in mind and body!

Led by trained educators and volunteers, the project targets 4-H members, classroom students, and community youth with interactive and fun projects and programs. Through hands-on activities, self-guided research, tours, workshops, and other experiential learning experiences, the foundation of overall health and personal safety best practices are developed!

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